• philadelphia 1914 ward map

Philly has changed a lot over the years. And political boundaries continue to change.

The current U.S. congressional districts were redrawn at the direction of the PA Supreme Court following its ruling that the districts drawn after the 2010 Census were unconstitutional. The next redistricting will occur following the 2020 Census, and those districts should take effect for the 2022 congressional elections.

The current state House and Senate districts were drawn by the General Assembly and approved by the Governor following the 2010 Census. New districts will be drawn after the 2020 Census and should take effect for the 2022 elections.

Philadelphia City Council districts are also based on the 2010 Census and will be redrawn by City Council after the 2020 count. Those new districts should be in place for the 2023 Council elections.

To find your district and who represents you, use Azavea's Elected Officials and Districts tool.

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