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Be a Voter.

Create a Culture of Voting.

In recent elections, only 17 percent of registered voters went to the polls in the Philadelphia region. To combat this, we are excited to launch WeVote, an initiative to promote a culture of voting in businesses, organizations and communities in the region.

Organizations can address the lack of interest or enthusiasm in voting and lack of time to head to the polls by participating in WeVote and downloading our app! The C70 app is a one stop shop to learn about the candidates and your voting rights and responsibilities, act on Election Day by voting or volunteering and share events you plan to attend and materials you have read. WeVote engages voters and helps organizations complete initiatives by sharing information as well as reminding users of important events, deadlines and volunteer opportunities.

Sign-up to be a WeVote partner organization and learn more about what that means below.

What does it mean to join WeVote? 

WeVote initiatives are designed to encourage civic participation among organizations. All WeVote participants agree to encourage people to download the C70 app so your community is informed and prepared to cast their ballot on Election Day.

Participants can further encourage all employees, volunteers, and constituents to vote and offer as much flexibility as possible on Election Day so there are fewer obstacles for voting. For example, 1-2 hours of paid leave for employees or supporting an excusable day off so employees can volunteer at election-related events. Additionally, participants could host absentee ballot drives or get out the vote parties, and challenge employees to commit to voting. We encourage participants to disseminate voter registration materials before elections and include election forum listings in communications to employees as well.

Organizations will be recognized based on the number of points they earn from interacting with the app and see how they compare to other participating organizations. 

Where can I download the WeVote app?

WeVote can be downloaded in the App Store for iOS users and in Google Play for Android users. 

What’s in it for my organization?

WeVote creates excitement and promotes a positive, civically engaged culture in your organization during election cycles. This, in turn, can help in attracting top applicants and support employee and volunteer retention - 37 percent of regional university students cite a company’s mission and culture as the number one factor in evaluating a job offer.